By Rick Mautz — Denver, Colorado … The Rocky Mountain Lifestyle Center is here to serve you, by providing reliable health information and ongoing support as you begin your journey toward better health.

One of our major trusted sources is the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM). Since most of us are thinking about how we can have the most effective immune system. I would like to start with that, realizing that the steps you take to improve your immunity will also help with most other aspects of your health.

To make it easy, here is a handout by the ACLM that illustrates each point.  Pick just one to start with, I suggest starting with the easiest one for you.  Then add another each week, until you are able to do them all regularly.  (if it takes longer than a week for some of these steps, don’t worry, it is better to go slow and develop strong healthy habits that will last a lifetime than to try too much at once and fail.

You can expect more helpful information as we continue to develop this website.  And if you need personal support, feel free to call the Lifestyle center to connect with one of our Health Partners at 303-282-3676.

–Rick Mautz is Rocky Mountain Lifestyle Director; photo by UnSplash