(*) indicates programs available now  All others begin July 15, 2021


Group Programs: (check schedule for program availability or for private sessions)

*Diabetes Undone – $78

Depression Recovery $150

“No Pressure” 30-day Hypertension Recovery program- $85

Intensive Cardiac Rehab $195

Weight Loss program $100

Cooking Schools $25

Grocery Shopping tours $20

Home visit for Pantry/Fridge Eval $75

Dinner with the Doctor $10 (meal extra donation)

Doctor consultation (initial) $125

Doctor consultation (follow-up) $45

Medication adjustment $20

Prescription $20


Free Programs (Donations Welcome)

*Health Partner virtual or in-person meetings

*Lunch and Learn

Walk with the Doc

*BP check

*Weight, BMI and wt. risk evaluation

*Initial health interview (15min)

*Use of Exercise equipment

*Access to Health library

*Handouts and recipes

*Health Videos

*Spiritual Health Studies


Lab work (Doctors Discount Lab rates)

 Many Physician services can be reimbursed from your insurance with your paid invoice, depending on your insurance.  We do not accept insurance for services.

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