13 Apr

Medical Symposium- lessons learned from 1918 Spanish Flu

This symposium is an opportunity to hear from several experts in the field of medicine.  They will be taking a look at how heat treatments were very effective in saving lives during the Spanish flue in 1918.  And because of its similarities to the COVID-19, the question will be discussed of how these treatments may be valuable at this time to reduce the severity of symptoms and even save lives.

09 Apr

Boost your Innate Immune system with Hot and Cold – Technical details – MedCram

This video is a technical presentation by Rodger Seheult, MD, of MedCram which is designed to update physicians on current medical subjects.  This presentation goes into detail of how to reduce the number of severe reactions to the COVID-19 virus by boosting the innate immune system by things you can do before and after you may become infected.  The science of Hot and Cold Therapies are discussed in detail.

To see all the MedCram videos on this subject go to YouTube and put “covid 19 medcram” in the search box.

02 Apr

Immune Boost of Nutrition

You are what you eat is never so true when you are trying to fight off a virus.  The food you eat can depress or boost your immune system.  Make the best choices of whole plant based foods.  G-BOMBS is an acronym that might help remind you of good choices – Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms,Berries and seeds.

02 Apr

Immune Boost of Outlook

How you look at life, “the glass is half empty or half full” has a huge effect on our health and our immune system.  Look for the best in others and in our situation, avoid criticism, and complaining.  Spend some time looking at Bible promises, and find a real boost for your immune system.